Project Fundamentals

  • Increase exposure of Luna Classic and drive its exposure through Social Marketing. The project aims to promote the original Luna Classic and its direction.
  • Build a Community to support the aims and core fundamentals of the Luna Classic. Our community already has a Shill Raid Army building that can be utilised to both promote the project and Luna Classic news and roadmap.
  • We will increase the overall holders of Luna Classic through our reward system which will rewards all buy and sell transactions. This will support by increasing the Luna Classic community, trade volume and a healthy floor for Luna Classic.
  • Partnerships will be a fundamental aspect of the project. We take a different approach and will publicly state we do not compete with Luna Classic Projects. Rather we wish them to join us for a global effort. We will share resources and project utilities. We are onboarding many influencers who share similar aims.
  • Build $LUNANAS to be a successful cryptocurrency that provides user with two streams of income with Luna Classic reflections and their accumulated $LUNANAS that is hyper deflationary.