Lunape Classic


Huge rewards of 5% will be awarded automatically to investors who simple hold their $LUNANAS tokens. This will both benefit our community and provide with them another revenue stream but also increase the exposure of Luna Classic and drive its trading figures.


We have already began to create partnerships with LUNC influencers and community groups. We will continue to build these and strive to be the Market Leader in the push for Luna Classic Return. We believe competition is healthy but take the route of collaboration as this will support our mission aims and introduce organic, like community members to our project.


We have built a Blockchain Lottery that will use our native token as the leading currency. Development is already completed. We wish to create an ecosystem that allows fun and play as a key defining project theme. We will create a number of P2E Games in the future. Our first game will be a custom Lottery! This will be available at launch and has wonderful branding in place ensuring a fully immersive, inviting experience.